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Most common bathroom suppliers in the UK 2024

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Choosing the Best Vendor for Your Bathroom Fittings

Embarking on a bathroom renovation or redesign? Choosing the right supplier for your bathroom fittings is a crucial step in ensuring a successful and satisfying project. In the UK, a plethora of bathroom suppliers offer a diverse range of products, making the decision-making process both exciting and challenging. In this guide, we will explore some of the most common bathroom suppliers in the UK and provide insights on how to choose the best vendor for your specific needs.

  1. Victoria Plum: The Online Oasis

    • Victoria Plum stands out as a major online bathroom supplier, offering a vast array of products from suites to showers and accessories. Known for its convenience and diverse range, it caters to various styles and budgets.
  2. Bathstore: Tradition Meets Innovation

    • Bathstore is a well-established name in the UK, combining tradition with innovation. With an extensive collection of bathroom products, from suites to shower enclosures and taps, Bathstore has been a go-to choice for many homeowners.
  3. Crosswater: Crafting Bathroom Elegance

    • Specializing in bathroom brassware, Crosswater is synonymous with craftsmanship and elegance. If you are seeking contemporary or traditional faucets, showers, and accessories, Crosswater is a leading supplier to consider.
  4. Bristan: Quality and Innovation

    • Bristan has earned a reputation for delivering quality and innovation in bathroom fittings. Renowned for its taps, showers, and accessories, Bristan is a reliable choice for those seeking durability and style.
  5. Roca: Global Excellence in Bathrooms

    • Roca, a global brand, brings excellence to UK bathrooms with its diverse range of products, including sanitaryware, baths, and faucets. Known for its commitment to quality, Roca is a trusted name in the industry.
  6. Ideal Standard: Comprehensive Bathroom Solutions

    • Ideal Standard is a go-to supplier for comprehensive bathroom solutions, offering a wide range of sanitaryware and bathroom furniture. Known for its versatility, Ideal Standard caters to various design preferences.
  7. Porcelanosa: Luxury Redefined

    • If luxury is at the top of your list, Porcelanosa is a name that resonates. This brand is synonymous with opulence, offering a stunning range of tiles, sanitaryware, and bathroom furniture for those with discerning tastes.
  8. Duravit: German Precision

    • Hailing from Germany, Duravit is a leading supplier of high-end bathroom ceramics and furniture. Renowned for its precision and contemporary designs, Duravit is a choice for those seeking top-tier products.
  9. Hansgrohe: Premium Fittings and Showers

    • Hansgrohe is synonymous with premium bathroom fittings and showers. With a reputation for quality and design, Hansgrohe products bring a touch of sophistication to any bathroom.
  10. Plumbworld: Online Convenience

  • Plumbworld, an online retailer, offers a variety of bathroom products catering to different budget ranges. Known for its convenience and affordability, Plumbworld is a popular choice among DIY enthusiasts.

As you embark on your bathroom fitting journey, consider the unique offerings of these common bathroom suppliers in the UK. Whether you prioritize online convenience, traditional innovation, or luxury, there’s a supplier that aligns with your vision. Remember to assess your specific needs, budget constraints, and desired style when choosing the best vendor for your bathroom fittings. With the right supplier, your bathroom project can transform into a space that seamlessly blends functionality and aesthetics. Bathroom fitters in Manchester can source and fit for you your desired brand in your dream bathroom space.